Institutional Research and
Information Management


Data Standards Committee

The Data Standards Committee consists of representatives from all Banner application areas. The committee maintains the Data Standards Manual and approves any changes to data standards at Eastern Michigan University.

Data Standards Manual version 3.1.4, Dec, 2014 (1206 KB, 93 pages)

Committee Member Area/Banner Module(s) Represented
Don Lund, Committee Chair Institutional Research and Information Management
Tammy Walters Accounts Payable
Garima Sharma Advancement
Tashina Kiley Cashier's Office, Student Business Services
Shucha Grover Division of Information Technology (DoIT), Technical Considerations
Bill Jones EPEO
Andrew Anders EPEO
Alan Diez EPEO
Elizabeth Eicher Financial Aid
Vacant Graduate School
Susan Sohn Office of International Students
Rhonda Linderman Payroll
Travis Temeyer Purchasing
Anne Fox Retention Services, IRIM
Jeanine Novak Student - Admissions & Recruiting
Sherry Winterson Student - Records & Registration, Academic History, Faculty Load, Buildings & Facilities
Crystal Walrath University Advising and Career Development Center
Colleen Glaser University Human Resources