Institutional Research and
Information Management


Official Reporting Dates

AY 2023OPENING_TERM2022 SEP 122023 JAN 192023 MAY 17
AY 2023OFFICIAL_RECORD2023 JAN 192023 MAY 172023 SEP 07
AY 2024OPENING_TERM2023 SEP 072024 JAN 182024 MAY 15
AY 2024OFFICIAL_RECORD2024 JAN 182024 MAY 15na
IRIM data warehousing snapshot dates.

Publication and Survey Reporting Schedule

EMU Data book, Fall 2024Nov 2024
Enrollment Projection, 2025/2026Feb 2025
Enrollment Report (by Semester and Instructional Year), 2023/2024Oct 2024
FTIAC Profile, Fall 2024Nov 2024
Student Profile, Fall 2024Feb 2025
Undergraduate Student Infographic, Fall 2024Nov 2024
State Required Reporting Surveys
HEIDI Survey Budget Letter Components 2025 RequirementsOct 2024
HEIDI Survey Enrollment by Geographic Origin, Fall 2024Feb 2025
HEIDI Survey Enrollment, Fall and Fiscal Year 2023/2024Oct 2024
HEIDI Survey Faculty Activity (Sec 705), 2023/2024Oct 2024
HEIDI Survey Faculty/Staff, Fiscal Year 2023/2024Oct 2024
HEIDI Survey Finance - Financial Aid by Type & Amount, 2023/2024Feb 2025
HEIDI Survey Finance - Main Portion, 2023/2024Oct 2024
HEIDI Survey Finance - Tuition & Fees, Fall/Winter 2023/2024Aug 2024
HEIDI Survey Institutional Characteristics, Fall 2024Oct 2024
Federal Required Reporting Surveys
IPEDS Survey 12-Month Enrollment 2023/2024Oct 2024
IPEDS Survey Academic Libraries, 2023/2024Apr 2025
IPEDS Survey Admissions, 2023/2024Feb 2025
IPEDS Survey Completions, 2023/2024Oct 2024
IPEDS Survey Fall Enrollment, Fall 2024Apr 2025
IPEDS Survey Finance, 2023/2024Apr 2025
IPEDS Survey Graduation Rates, 2023/2024Feb 2025
IPEDS Survey Human Resources, Fall 2024Apr 2025
IPEDS Survey Institutional Characteristics, Fall 2024Oct 2024
IPEDS Survey Outcome Measures, 2023/2024Feb 2025
IPEDS Survey Student Financial Aid, 2023/2024Feb 2025
Other Government Reporting Requirements
Capital Outlay Request, Fall 2024 and 2023/2024Sep 2024
Reporting Agencies Required Surveys
AAUP Faculty Survey, 2024/2025Feb 2025
COB Accreditation Survey (AACSB), Fall 2024 and 2023/2024Mar 2025
Council on Graduate Schools (CGS) International Graduate Admissions Survey, 2023/2024Nov 2024
Council on Graduate Schools Survey (CGS/GRE Enrollment), Fall 2024Feb 2025
Higher Learning Commission Annual Institutional Update (HLC), 2024/2025Mar 2025
NSF-NIH Graduate Enrollment, Fall 2024Jan 2025
"Guidebooks" Reporting Surveys
College Board Survey, Fall 2024 and 2023/2024Feb 2025
Common Data Set Elements, Fall 2024 and 2023/2024Nov 2024
Hanover Research, 2024/2025Feb 2025
Peterson's Undergraduate Student Survey, 2022/2023May 2024
Peterson's Graduate Student Survey, 2022/2023May 2024
USN & WR Graduate Surveys, Fall 2023 and 2022/2023Aug 2024
USN & WR Main Survey, Fall 2023 and 2022/2023May 2024